1. Can I get a running number for my different forms so I can sort them out easily?

    -Yes, running numbers as well as unique number tags are available and linked to our invoices, sales orders as well as quotes.

  2. Will there be training conducted for the CMS DUO® system?

    -There will be face to face training comprising of 2 sessions, each 4 hours long. After that, there will be 1 year of remote support.

  3. Can I customize the templates as well as the design of our different forms such as invoices etc?

    -Yes! Our team will design one template that is customized to your needs which is included in the package.

  4. Will there be any changes to our hosting?

    -If needed, our team will be able to accommodate you under our hosting plan which has un-metered data.

  5. Can I create unlimited users for my CMS system?

    -Yes! There will be unlimited users as well as licensing. This is however excluding upgrading and data migration.

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